terça-feira, novembro 22, 2005


My Contact Friends:

Is it just me or is everyone feeling "saudades" of the under-the-bridge days?And nights?

Shangai is waiting for me, and for 7 more good old CB (Contact 'Bros)

That city won't be enough for us..be afraid, be very afraid.....

Tell me, guys, a moment of this last two weeks, you won't forget...

Miss Architect


Blogger mulato said...

I have a photo just like yours... for some moments you got me thinking... "How did she got into my computer?"

About moments I won’t forget... when I entered the hotel lobby in the first night not knowing one single face and the contrast of some days later saying my goodbyes with hugs!


Blogger Miguel Cunha said...

I think i won't forget the last night! Everybody shaking in the disconight :P
And everyone was "kagating" to the rest!
Just having our fun! :D
But of course... the last night was only possible because of the great 15 days we all had. At least i know i had a great time with all of you "cretinos" ;P

PS: "Alberto tiene alguem k lho kiere!! k lho kieree, k lho kieré "
I'm f**** up, need to pratice my spanish
maybe i'll ask for a nice chica to teach me :P ihihihi


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