segunda-feira, novembro 21, 2005

Oulu - Finland!

Hyvaa Huomenta!!!

This is Good Morning in finish my language from January onwards! I will have to endure temperatures below minus 10C again. And please do not make me envy by telling the temperatures in the places you will go. Lets just say that Yesterday at 15:00 the temperature in Oulu was -12C... I will look like an ice cube!!! This city is in the north close to the north polar circle...

In a different subject I will send the list with the contacts to everybody as soon as I have the information that is missing from the list. I am expecting to have it all until the end of this week.



Blogger Miguel Cunha said...

Tiago,... don't post it here! ..
let's not forget this space is public! and we don't want to give our "cream" for free to the world ;) ehehe

Please send me a copy by email of what you have ...
We need to organize and be in touch with each others.


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