domingo, novembro 20, 2005


Hi guys! I also don't understand why we are writing in English, but if that's the rule and everybody's happy with it, I'll do that as well. I am the unfortunate guy who is being sent to Manila. Unfortunate? Oh well, the fact that I am actually going is starting to sink in and now I'm a bit more happy to actually do it. People from Hong Kong, Macau and Shanghai might want to come and visit the capital city of that great country which is the Philippines. Oh, by the way, I'm actually not so sure it's a great country, as I have to confess, it's one of the countries I was least interested in before this experience. Maybe it's how they tell us and the most unhappy of us with our destination end up having the nicest surprises. Anyway, I'll try and contribute to this blog as often as I can and share my experiences with all of you... Just so we can keep... contact!


Blogger  said...

confesso que acho que te saiu o joker!!! mas de certo vai ser um bom joker! diferente vai ser de certeza! bj

Blogger Tó Silva said...

great viseu, at least you are going to a well known organization with all the perks that the job carries with it. if you want to go to italy please feel to contact me. see you soon


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