sexta-feira, novembro 18, 2005

Para onde vão?

English version!
Now that the cream of the cream already knows where to go, let's tell who goes where.
I'm going to Madrid.. OLÉ! I just don't understand the Cellerix company. It's a biotechnology one. And I'm graduated in management. Ok, gonna manage it!
Don't mind! I'm just going to enjoy Spain.

By the way: Please all the contactos that are going to Madrid contact me @ or
Let's get in touch. Who knows, we could even find a great house for all. Should be cheaper. A LOT!


Blogger nuno said...

eu cá vou pa san francisco. berço do rock. flores no cabelo e tal. genentech. ácidos, steve "bullit" mcqueen, harry o sujo. enfim, a ver vamos. entretanto,

falta de comunicação da rede? resolveremos isto recorrendo à violência física um dia destes. ;)

tenho dito.

nuno "róquine frisco" peixeiro

Blogger CC said...

I´m also going to Madrid and just like you to a biotech company: IMBIOSIS. I´m also a manager, will be nice.
Can you speak spanish? Because I can´t ,...

Blogger Arão said...

Speak I can.
And write also... I use the help of this translating site:

Could you please contact me?
The nickname CC doesn't make me recognise who you are.
The Madrid pelople it trying to get connected in order to talk about housing and whatever.


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