segunda-feira, novembro 21, 2005

Verona, the Cork Paradise

Dear contacteantes,

I am going to Italy, Verona. It seems that Verona is the city of the most famous lovers in history: Romeo and Juliet. Apart from that everything is a mystery for me. Italy is one of those countries that have never interested me, until now. My first reaction was far from being enthusiastic, moreover, the company is a little bit odd: Alvaro Coelho & Irmãos S.A.; according to ICEP it's one of our major cork companies.Well, looking on the bright side, from now on I will be part of our greatest "diamond cluster". Now, I can say beyond any doubts, I am special, I am a "diamond cluster" man.

By the way I have found a website with helpful tips about Verona,

see you soon,



Blogger Nuno Vieira said...

Antonio, believe me, you're a lucky man. you'll love italy!

Blogger Tó Silva said...

Nuno let's hope so....


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