quarta-feira, novembro 23, 2005

NEWS!! we now have a Mailing List

Hi people!
I've created a mailing list for us: Inovcontacto9@yahoogroups.com
I need your emails in order do add it to the list. A mailing list is the best way to transmite a message for all (in the list). E.g. : you send a message to Inovcontacto9@yahoogroups.com , and it will be distributed to everyone. All C's have one, and now we have one too.
Just send an email for this address: inovcontacto9-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Best Regards ;)


Blogger Miguel Cunha said...

Please after you subscribe the ML, update your profile, so we can identify everybody and know where you are (Country, Job, function, blablabla)


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