terça-feira, novembro 22, 2005

Low or No conectivity!!!

Hello every body (que é como quem diz: olá cambada de Natosos!),

I had been without internet so I had to make a quick marathon over the blog to read all your posts.

Now that I have return to Coimbra a finally lost my pronunciation "à nuorte carago" but of course I still missing all of you (eve those that I don't know).

I'm going to the South of Spain (Jerez): a place where the sun shines 2/3 of the year. I'm sure you don't need invitation to came and visit me...so...just give me a call at least 30minutes before!;)

I don't promess I'll remember all your names but if I recognize your face you will certainly be well received and welcome! (isto parece uma rede Maçónica!)

Just one more "acha para a fogueira": let's be democratic and vote the official language of this blog! How? I have no ideia...but that's the challenge for our engineers!

See you on friday!