domingo, novembro 20, 2005

Das barracas da Cova da Moura para as Favelas do Rio de Janeiro!

Alberto has somebody who loves hiiiimmm!Who loves hiiimm...

Hello "Iluminados", "Creme de la Creme", "Elite", whatever...

I realized now why the hell they sent me to Rio de Janeiro.
It's not because I have experience working with Brazilians,
It's not because I'm a party boy
It's because I'm the only one in our group that is used to live around "Favelas", Gunshots and Drug Traffic everyday.
I'm preparing my will and I'll not forget you guys.
I'm doing a life insurance and maybe I'll hire some bodyguards there.
I know that my laptop has great chances of ending in other hands. I don't know how many times I'm going to get robbed but I don't care. Maybe we can put that on
Let's see what happens at the city of Carnival in the land of Football...

Goodbye Amadora, Oi Rio!!!

"Rio, rio, rio... Rio pra não chorar!
Pra quem não sabe sou rio a cantar!!!"

"Rio 40 graus, Cidade maravilha
Purgatório da beleza e do caos" (Fernanda Abreu)

Até à próxima Galera!!! Paulo Lopes


Blogger Diogo said...

Lol ;)
Great Speech!

Blogger Sara said...

Your theory has a flop.... neighbour!! I also live near Cova da Moura... and I'm going to the great BARCELONA!! eh, eh, eh.. Not a bit disappointed!!

Blogger Nuno Vieira said...

Rio...... what a great "ferrobodo" it will be...


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